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Web Tools

Content Management System (CMS)
CMS has developed a whole family of web site management tools specifically for non-technical users. With this software, business people can focus on more critical tasks of growing their businesses and serving their constituents better, while keeping their sites up-to-date. Using these tools a person with basic computer skills can easily author, publish or update any part of the site in just a few clicks. No more dependence on IT staff or learning intricate software!

Product Catalog
Turn your web site into an online storefront with our powerful product catalog software.

Event Calendar
Power your site with a database-driven dynamic event calendar with online registrations and online payments.

Members Only Web Site Manager
Build and run password-protected web sites for your board members, customers, partners, employees, and other constituents within couple minutes.

Membership Directory
Equip your site with a database-driven membership directory with powerful searching capabilities and easy-to-use administration utility.

Article Manager
Create your own online magazine or set up “online articles” section on your web site with powerful online community features, such as online threaded discussions, article emailing and printer-friendly formatting capabilities.

Picture Gallery
Make more use of your web site and generate more visibility, build a greater online trust with your visitors by running picture galleries for your projects, events, office showcase, and more…

Webcast Manager
Enable video streaming on your web site and create webcasts within just a few clicks!

Download Center/Web Library
Upload, store and distribute online documents, such as PDF files, PowerPoint presentations, archives, video files,etc. in a very organized way.

Contacts Directory
Share useful contacts organized in folders with your partners, customers and other constituents online.

Online Message Boards/Discussion Forums
Create a strong and loyal online community around your site, generate sales leads, compile prospect lists with our message board system.

Link with news stories and articles, keep track of link popularity, make a better use of your site, drive more traffic to your site,

Partners/Sponsors Showcase
Promote your partners and sponsors on home page or other pages with rotating partners logos, links to their sites, and marketing messages.

Email List Manager
Develop your own email list, the most valuable asset in the Digital Age.

Quick Polls
Set up and operate your own online polling center.

Online Dynamic Glossary
Enrich your web site with a database-based online glossary featuring multiple views, auto search engine optimization, and searching capabilities.

Promote your products, partners, events, webcasts, related documents, web links, email list using a small box-like inserts on your web pages.

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